What is Mindfulness?

posted Oct 19, 2016, 4:52 AM by Robert Pelczarski

Mindfulness is a new special that has been introduced to the students at A.M. Chaffee Elementary School.  Mindfulness has many different definitions but one that we use with children is: focusing on the present moment.  The practice of mindfulness teaches students how to pay attention which is an important skill for academics and social emotional learning.  This class is designed to introduce mindfulness in a fun and developmentally appropriate way.  Each week students are introduced to a new mindful skill and mindful movement while incorporating aspects of a social emotional learning curriculum.  This program is designed to help children develop attention skills, impulse control, sensory awareness, emotional regulation, and empathy.  It is our intention that this program will decrease stress in students and increase well-being thus creating more effective learners.  

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